The Ninja Shot – Tips on How to Capture Documents Without Shadows

Every time a Ninja steps out of the shadows, he knows that his identity could be unveiled – even if his presence might mean just a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, once he leaves the shades, his actions are carefully measured. Same happens when you take out your camera and aim to take a picture without any obscurities.

We all know how tedious shadows can be when it comes down to pictures, so it is time for PDF Ninja Scanner to teach you into the art of scanning perfectly sculped pictures.

  1. With great lightning comes great pictures

Once the Ninja leaves the shadows and enters the light, his actions are memorable. Enough lighting is one of the most important factors for avoiding those detestable shadows. Therefore, the Ninja recommends that the documents are captured in an environment encircled by illumination.

Ninja Master suggests following the art of photography- make full use of daylight because natural lighting is most effective in improving illumination. In the end it comes down to a simple precept- the lighter, the merrier.


  1. View the perfect angle

Before coming into the light, a Ninja makes sure that he strikes from the perfect angle. When shooting a picture, make sure you do in favor of the light, never against it. By doing so, you will avoid projecting the shadows from your hands and body into the picture.


  1. Ninja Flash

But, you may ask, what do I do when there is little to no light? Don’t worry, PDF Ninja has got you covered, or at least your smartphone. If the day is gloomy or you need to take your shot at noon or night, remember that the flash will help you provide optimal results.